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2018 Interior Design Trend Forecast: Texture

By Elle Lennon

It’s nearly the start of a new year, meaning it’s time for the tradition of trend spotting.

2017 saw the domination of Scandinavian design, with white walls, light neutral colour schemes and minimal decor at the forefront of interior design. But just like with clothing, home design trends change all the time, so here’s what we think 2018 has in store:

Enter, texture…

While Scandi design is perfect for true minimalists, it can sometimes feel a little clinical and uninspiring. And while we might like to think of ourselves as the super-organised type, in reality the majority of us will probably feel a little more at home with my favourite trend prediction for the year: the rise of texture.

As Domain so aptly described it, “It’s the cinnamon of an interior design scheme. An ingredient that everyone seems to forget about, but are then pleasantly surprised by how much depth and spice it can add to a dish, or home for that matter.”

What do we mean by ‘texture’?

In interior design, texture is the surface quality of a material - is it smooth or shaggy? Silky or embroidered? These are all different textures - and they can have a much bigger impact on how a room looks and feels than you might immediately think.

How is texture being used?

To put it simply, the trend is definitely moving towards luxurious textures and finishes on surfaces that have been a little overlooked in the past.

For example, velvet armchairs and sofas were everywhere at Decorex back in September. But instead of the smooth velvet we’ve seen popping up in past seasons, it was all about visible texture and soft, inviting finishes. There’s no doubt that a full velvet corner sofa will make a striking focal point, but with a material like velvet, you’ll also never need to worry about inviting someone over and them feeling too uncomfortable to sit down.

In communal areas of the home, gone are the days of white walls and only displaying the essentials.

We’re seeing a lot of dramatic interiors with dark wooden features and deep colours adding to the overall atmosphere. Bold blues, greens, reds and purples (like Pantone’s colour of the year) all work well in this type of design. In short, enough of less is more - don’t go over the top with it, but if you want more, add a bit more.

When it comes to bedroom design, the trend continues this theme of luxury and comfort - after all, it is the most intimate space in the house, so it only makes sense that the decor should reflect that.

Bedroom design is set to hold onto the concept of clean, minimalist design, (to stay in line with Gwyneth Paltrow’s mantra of clean sleeping). So we’re expecting to see mostly neutral colour schemes - but that doesn’t mean it needs to be dull.

Look at any bedroom and you’ll see immediately that the bed is the focal point (I mean, it’s right there in the name). And who wants a plain, white focal point? That sounds like a bit of an oxymoron.

Investing in a bed frame and duvet that are actually interesting to look at will help you break out of the mould of the typical lacklustre bedroom. Does anyone really want a divan bed with a brown headboard and (sorry to purists but...) ugly white mattress with an old, barely-fitting plain sheet?

That’s where Sid comes in…

When it comes to adding interesting, never-before-seen textures into your bedroom design, it has to be Sid (surely?!). Denim, by its very nature, has a deep, textured finish that looks completely unique and guarantees you’ll never suffer from a boring bedroom look. There’s three colours you can choose from (charcoal, noir and blue denim - a favourite for that bold colour trend) so you can finally add style and personality to every room of the house. 

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