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Are 'The Apprentice' candidates really as useless as they seem?

By Callie Paige

It’s that time again! The Apprentice train is rolling in, with this year’s batch of pompous, self-aggrandising set of ambitious entrepreneurs all ready to make their mark on the competition. 

While there will be the inevitable focus on who’s got the best catchphrase until Task 1 hits our screens, we wondered what it feels like to be one of the ‘lucky’ contestants. 

Particularly as these are people that are supposed to be performing at the highest level, making effective decisions in a bid to navigate their path into the pocket of Lord Sugar. 

One of the show’s most infamous guests, and a firm favourite with fans, Stuart Baggs told the Radio Times:

“It’s really intense, and that’s something that doesn’t come across as you sit at home watching it. You just think, what a bunch of idiots, and then you go on it and realise there are a lot of hidden pressures.

The lack of contact with home, the lack of sleep, the lack of food… you’re under so much pressure for three months of your life.”

This was echoed by series 10 contestant Sanjay Sood-Smith, who told Cosmopolitan:

"[We woke up] before 4 and 5am everyday. It really is that early. Some days you wouldn't get in until 12am, and you'd be up again at the crack of dawn ready to do everything again."

 With this amount of pressure on the Apprentice candidates, it got us thinking.

What do the sleeping habits of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs look like?

We thought we’d start close to home - with Steve Bartlett of the Manchester-based digital agency, Social Chain.


For anyone that follows Steve’s vlogs, you could regularly see Steve in the office alone in the middle of the night, replying to emails or catching up on what he’s missed during the day.

As referred to in his Instagram post, Steve’s putting a focus on ‘wellness’, with sleep playing a crucial role.

There may not be a better example of this approach working than looking at the case of Ariana Huffington.

11 years ago, the founder of the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Uber-investor, and all-around juggernaut of business collapsed due to exhaustion.

She refers to spending the full day glued to a Blackberry, taking flights to Europe on her birthday, and eating every meal at her desk.

Since, Ariana hails sleep as the ‘ultimate performance enhancer’.

Jeff Bezos, Mr Amazon himself, agrees.

In a post on Ariana’s Thrive Global Journal, Jeff says that to operate as the best CEO & person he can be, he needs eight hours of sleep.

He goes on to say:

“If you shortchange your sleep, you might get a couple of extra “productive” hours, but that productivity might be an illusion. When you’re talking about decisions and interactions, quality is usually more important than quantity.”

So…you don’t have to take our word for it.

Sleep is key to making the best decisions. And while that might be out of the control of this year’s Apprentice intake, it’s something that you can make a conscious decision about.

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