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Best mattress for cool sleeping

By Callie Paige

There’s a time for it getting hot under the covers, but when you’re getting ready to sleep, heat can be a problem.

Around 9% of memory foam mattress owners report sleeping hot to an uncomfortable extent. Let’s find out why.

Memory foam mattresses traditionally get too hot because of their greatest attribute - fitting to the contour of your body. This means that there isn’t any room for airflow between your body and the mattress, meaning the heat your body generates can only go one of two ways: back into your body (which is covered by a duvet), or into your mattress.

It’s at this point, again - traditionally speaking, that memory foam mattresses retain heat because of the dense nature of memory foam.

Why? Firstly, because memory foam mattresses need heat to work! Memory foam works by responding to pressure and the heat in your body, contouring to your unique shape.

Secondly, however, memory foam simply retains the temperature your body is running at, meaning it doesn’t technically make you hotter. Most of us only notice a difference when we’re moving from a sprung mattress to memory foam, because of the ventilated space where springs sit.

To dispel a common myth, the density of memory foam only plays a part in heat retention. Density is actually more closely related to support levels i.e. firm, medium, soft.

This results in many memory foam mattress owners end up asking the question - “how can I cool down my memory foam mattress?”

Memory foam has come a long way in the last few years. From open-cell technology to multi-layered mattress compositions, manufacturers are doing more than ever to combat the heat-generating properties of memory foam. We’ll use Sid as an example for how to cool down your memory foam mattress.











Sid has a quilted, hypoallergenic top layer. This layer not only adds comfort, but wicks away the sweat your body naturally produces during sleep.

Our pioneering Graphyx uses super-conductive graphene to transfer heat away from your body, and open-cell technology to cool and ventilate from head to toe.

Next, a high density layer of memory foam provides the support your body needs, contouring every layer above it to your shape.

Finally, our zoned base layer has precision-cut dual airflow channels that keep air circulating. This means there’s no hotspots in your bed.

Sid isn’t the standard bed in a box, to be piled high and sold cheap. Sid is the ultimate innovator, creating a bedroom revolution by combining the latest materials with incredible design.

Meet Sid.