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Christian Dior Collection Launch

By Elle Lennon

Christian Dior released their Spring Ready-To-Wear collection earlier this year, with denim at the heart of the catwalk. And we have to say, it’s pretty incredible.

Dior are attempting to broaden their appeal with Millennials. That might sound like an obvious statement as businesses across the globe are obsessed with the word, but actually speaking as a Millennial, our relationship with denim has been fairly straightforward. Skinny jeans evolved into ripped skinny jeans, denim jackets evolved into distressed denim jackets.

The Dior Spring Collection is bringing back 70’s patchwork denim, with the collection proclaimed as “a sequence of pieces that reconnect emotions, feelings and memories”. When you see the collection for yourself, you’ll see why. Although we might not have experienced this style for ourselves first time round, our recollection of iconic 70’s scenes - such as Grease’s denim obsession and Debbie Harry’s iconic look, means we have a faint nostalgia for the often-criticised, now-mainstream, double denim.

The significance of this being part of Dior’s Ready-to-Wear collection, is the ripple this will have on high street fashion. With premium fashion houses often the trend-setters for more price-conscious designers, we can expect a wave of denim-appeal. And whilst desperately trying not to overanalyze, the ripple will likely continue into interior design, in terms of both material and colour.    

Dior’s release explains: “Blue, the color symbol of power, beauty and spirituality, is employed for genderless outfits and to express differences. It is positioned between nature and culture, as the color of the spirit, of contact with the infinite, in us and beyond”.

We couldn’t agree more.