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Coffee Naps

By Callie Paige

Whether recovering from jet lag or a big night out, power naps can help to recharge our batteries, unlock creativity and improve our memory.

Having a nap is also a great way to boost both energy and productivity levels during the day. In the same way that a full night’s sleep allows your brain to repair, focus and process memories, daytime napping can actually have similar acute effects.

That brings us onto the latest phenomenon that combines two of our favourite things: coffee naps.

Pairing sleep and coffee together may sound crazy, with many of us making coffee a no-no anywhere near bedtime but, coffee naps are a great way to get a midday kick of energy and actually have a lot of interesting science behind them.  

Wait. What is a coffee nap?

When you drink caffeine, it takes your body 20 minutes to respond to the effects, taking a short nap within this time allows the caffeine to start working just as you are waking up, meaning you’ll not only wake up feeling refreshed from your power nap, but you’ll also have the added benefits of the caffeine boost.

When should I try and have a coffee nap?

Coffee naps can be done at anytime, but they’re great when done in the afternoon to combat that dreaded mid-afternoon tiredness. Also, don’t worry if coffee isn’t for you, caffeine-fueled naps can still be accomplished with supplements instead, although we’re not encouraging the use of ProPlus on a regular basis!

What do Bulletproof think?

We love this comment from American coffee-connoisseurs, that looks into why coffee naps work so well.

Scientists have directly observed the behavioral and cognitive effectiveness of the coffee nap and say that it’s more productive than coffee or naps on their own.

In several UK studies, researchers found that when subjects took a 15 minute coffee nap, they scored higher on a driving simulator test.

In Japan, scientists founds their subjects scored higher on memory tests after coffee naps.  Subjects also claimed they felt less tired.

The coffee nap formula is pretty straightforward. Find a quiet corner at work or home, and give it a try. Maybe even explain it to your boss, so they know you’re upgrading your productivity.

So, there you have it. Coffee naps are our new favourite thing, and we’re pretty sure they should be yours too.

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