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Designer mattresses

By Callie Paige

There are many brands out there that tag the word ‘designer’ onto their mattresses. As purveyors of design, we wanted to find out what exactly makes a mattresses ‘designer’.

Our first step looking for a designer mattress was Google, which showed us results that spanned all of the usual suspects when it comes to mattresses. Looking at the first result, “And so to bed”, we were feeling pretty underwhelmed. Yes - there’s a great range of mattresses, but the closest we got to spotting a design feature was a green stripe…

And while we’re not in the business of mattress-shaming, usual design-connoisseurs present you with a sea of white.

Made Mattresses

The problem with all of these mattresses, is that they’re designed to be hidden underneath sheets. Whilst the bed overall itself may look designer, thanks to an interesting base and headboard, every one of these would end up housing an ugly chunk of white foam (or springs…). While that may be the norm in bedroom design, we can’t help but wonder why.

Even in huge bedroom design resources such as Homify, whilst each room is styled to perfection, those looking for minimal, modern design are left wanting.

 Homify Bedroom Design

If we take design for what it truly is, it’s defined as :

  • “a decorative pattern”
  • “purpose or planning that exists behind an action, fact, or object.”

Many of the mattresses described as ‘designer’ refer functions and features. Whilst great performance is obviously a must-have, we’d argue this doesn’t really align with either of the definitions above.

For us, the point that design is defined as ‘purpose that exists behind an action’ rings true. When we first came up with the idea of Sid, we had the purpose of creating a revolution in the bedroom. For years we’ve seen the technology within mattresses evolve, but the outer white cover has, on the whole, remained.

The design of these mattresses, which command the largest area of bedroom spaces, completely restricts the design process.

Sid was designed to oppose this. We created a mattress that stands for something. Design-driven - delivering the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had, in the best-looking bed you’ve ever had.

‘Best looking’ is a big claim, but have you seen Sid?! We can honestly say that it’s unique. It’s not built to be hidden behind a sheet, Sid lets you show off your style.

That being said, over the years your style will change. One of the most exciting things about design is that what’s classed as ‘designer’ changes - so to us, one of the most important aspects of creating something that’s ‘designer’, was to make sure it could always be described that way.

Sid comes with a designer cover as standard. But this cover is interchangeable, meaning when trends change, so does your mattress.

Style without substance doesn’t equal great design. Sid’s got you covered. Our designer mattress houses 4 layers of innovative material, from our exclusive super-conductive open-cell Graphyx, to precision-cut dual airflow Reevo foam, so you can rest assured that we’re committed to providing a great night’s sleep.

Are you ready to join the bedroom revolution? Meet Sid.