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How many pillows do you need?

By Ben Wainman

Do you love the cold side? Is your bed a pillow fort?

Pillows are a great source of comfort. They don’t just support our heads when resting; they make us feel cosy, safe and, in the absence of others, are the perfect hugging tool. Not that we’d ever admit it, mind.

Despite the comfort that pillows can bring. The first pillow documented was a stone pillow. Those in ancient Egypt used stones for pillows as a way of preventing bugs from crawling on their faces. So not only did these stone pillows make for a rubbish night’s sleep, but they also didn’t work against those pesky, resilient bugs.

Fortunately, the Romans and the Greeks had a better idea, using feathers and cloth to create an inviting place to lay your head.

Pillows – The Supporting Role

Pillows are designed to support your head and neck well you sleep to keep the alignment of your spine all the way up to your neck. This can then help to prevent back and neck pain as well as maintaining your posture. To support your spine and neck as much as possible, you need the right pillow and the correct number of pillows.

How many pillows?

The number of pillows you need depends on how you sleep;

Stomach sleepers – One thin pillow should be all you need, any more and you’ll be raising your head and neck too high, putting pressure on your spine rather than supporting it.

Back sleepers – The optimal sleeping position but not many of us achieve is. For back sleepers, you need to find the right pillow height to keep your spine aligned. Usually, this is just one, and the thickness will depend on your body shape.

Side sleepers – Sleep specialists recommend side sleepers use two pillows, but not both should be under your head. Studies recommend side sleepers use one pillow for their head and one between their knees. This helps to stop your legs causing a misalignment in your spine which could lead to lower back and hip pain.

What pillow?

With a pioneering approach to the best night’s sleep, the Sid pillow has been created to deliver the ultimate comfort. The Energex core keeps your spine supported while the responsive memory foam and luxury cushion top keeps you comfy. Specially designed by sleep scientists, the Sid pillow works for every sleeping position. What’s more, it won’t sag or go lumpy. It will just keep delivering the same comfy, cooling and supporting technology to keep you sleeping soundly.

Our pillows have also been featured as one of the best pillows for instant, lasting comfort by 'i newspaper'. 

For the best night’s sleep, sleep with Sid.