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It's nearly over...

By Elle Lennon

One week left. ONE. WEEK. This is going to be worse than losing against Croatia. Worse than when the rain finally returns. Even worse than the time Netflix went down!

Yes, we’re into the final week of Love Island, and the producers are going out with a bang. Not only are we still waiting for the parents to arrive (alright - just Danny Dyer), but they also treated us to a shock lie detector!

But it seems like the producers got a bit too excited this year. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good lie detector. But don’t you dare mess with Jack and Dani. We can’t take any more heartbreak this summer!

While we’re more protective than ever of the most loved couple in Britain (move over Harry & Meghan), we’re looking forward to the drama the rest of the week has to offer. For one - who knew Alex was a player? If we didn’t like Alexandra equally, we’d be proud of our born-again ladies man.

And while the curtains are nearly closed on this year’s Love Island, it doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the hideaway in your own bedroom.

It’s the most stylish room in the villa. Can you say the same about your boudoir? Get started with Sid.

Whilst your room gets the looks, thanks to an incredible mix of sleep technology, Sid delivers on the perfect night’s sleep.

And you can trust us on that. Because if Sid is anything - he’s honest and loyal (babe).