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Kylie turns 21

By Elle Lennon

The youngest of the Kardashian clan is turning 21, and usually - as was the case with Kendall - this would mean a lavish celebrity-filled party that’s covered by literally every blog on the internet.


While Kylie’s milestone might result in the same, she has another reason to celebrate, one that sets her apart from her sisters.

Take Kim for example. Arguably the most famous of the clan, she witnessed a meteoric rise to fame following her sex-tape “leak”, which preceded her marriage to Kanye West and ‘breaking the internet’ with her infamous naked Paper magazine cover.

Kendall’s stock is also on the rise, with a successful career in fashion in full flow, being a Victoria’s Secret angel and walking for every top fashion house - from Chanel to Givenchy.

Yet, neither are as successful as their now-21-year-old sister. Kim’s fortune is worth around $350 million, while Kendall registers in with a measly $18 million.

Kylie - a conservative $900 million.

Money aside, we’ve come to love Kylie because of the way she’s made her career.


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After building a mammoth 112 million followers on Instagram and 25.3 million followers on Twitter, she leveraged her social stardom by creating a product she was passionate about - the Kylie Lip Kit.

Unsurprisingly, even though it was only supposed to be a test, the kit sold out in less than a minute. Kris’ - the only person capable of carrying the title ‘Momager’ - eyes lit up.

Using her own money earned from modelling stints, she invested $250,000 into making her first 15,000 lip kits.

This was obviously a wise move, as it meant there were no outside investors or venture capitalists, Kylie owns 100% of her company.

Everything from manufacturing to distribution is taken care of, meaning Kylie can sit back, post selfie’s to keep the hype constant, and create a new product line every few months, whilst raking in over $300 million a year.

While the title ‘self-made’ probably doesn’t do justice to everybody that helped her along the way, she’s soon to be declared ‘youngest self-made billionaire’, beating the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

It’s also worth remembering that Kylie had a solid 9 month hiatus from the public eye, choosing to keep her pregnancy private. A move we massively respect. Plus, it created extra hype - which although was an unplanned side-effect, helped the Kylie cause.

It’s for all of these reasons, she’s a Sid favourite.

She’s made the most of what she was given to create an empire that provides her young family with an incredible future, meaning she can make any move she wants without relying on her Jenner/Kardashian name.

We’re well aware that Kylie’s had flings with other mattresses, but it’s time she found one that’s better than her ex. One that can live up to the quality she’s used to.

Meet Sid.