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Luxury Mattresses & Luxury Designer Beds

By Elle Lennon

What is luxury? That’s one of the questions we asked ourselves when creating Sid, and the dictionary’s definition is surprisingly relevant.

“a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.”

Luxury is also usually associated with an investment in skill and time, which raises the perception of how much the object is worth. However, luxury is a subjective concept. For example, we’d consider the new iPhone X to be a luxury product. If an iPhone X that starts at £1k to purchase, what word would we use to describe Vertu’s £10k+ smartphone?

Our point is that whilst luxury seems to be defined by price, how do we compare it to quality, especially when it comes to intrinsically functional items like mattresses.

How do you create luxury mattresses and beds?

People looking for luxury and designer beds are looking for what the definition outlines: aesthetics and comfort. Importantly, these two features aren’t exclusive. For luxury to be truly achieved, both need to combine into a single product.

If we look at traditional luxury mattresses, we’ve seen many examples of staggeringly expensive mattresses that base their luxuriousness on the rarity of the components used.

Vividus, a mattress manufactured by Swedish company Hästens, is a luxury mattress that costs upwards of $140,000. Yes, you read that right. $140,000. Their price comes as a result of the 320 hours it takes to make each mattress, plus the pure, Swedish materials that are added.

Other luxury mattress brands, such as Kluft, also manufacture their mattress using fine materials and expert craftsmanship. Their prices, upwards of £30,000, again reflect the nature of the product they create.

However, as a review from Mashable reveals - expense doesn’t necessarily equal comfort. And personally, I feel like the design department is also lacking. Which leads us to the conclusion that a luxury mattress needs to be a design feature in itself, whilst also excelling in comfort.

A new luxury

If we look back at our earlier example, an iPhone X is a luxury. It’s a luxury in terms of the experience it provides a user with and the uber cool aesthetics of the product, which has evolved the iPhone into a status symbol. The perfect combination of function and design.

Sid embodies this approach, creating a new ‘luxury’ in the mattress world.

Marrying expert manufacturing knowledge with stunning aesthetic appeal, Sid delivers on the ultimate purpose of a mattress - a great night’s sleep, without compromising on design.

When it comes to comfort, we scoured the globe to find the most innovative blends of foam, which create a unique, 5-layered composition, resulting in a superior sleep experience. We’re so confident of this, Sid has a 15-year guarantee.

Sid’s design speaks for itself. A distinctive denim cover is not just a material. It’s a core value of Sid, providing a mental shortcut to freedom and rebellion, mixing iconic styling and design.

Sid combines comfort and elegance. Sid is the new luxury.

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