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Modern Bedroom Design

By Elle Lennon

I can’t think of many people that don’t look forward to getting into bed at the end of the day (except on Fridays…ok and Saturdays…but you get the point), however the prospect is all the more exciting if your room is well designed, combining everything you need in terms of style, and all the essential comforts we require in a bedroom.

Modern Bedroom Design Inspiration

There are many examples of modern bedroom design that compile a huge range of ideas for those looking for some inspiration. Take Amara’s blog for example - this focuses on the individuality of bedroom design, featuring interior designers and bloggers that have shared images of their bedroom. Looking at someone else’s bedroom is always interesting, and although there’s not a pair of pants left on the floor in sight, photography of a real-life space provides much more perspective than 3D visuals. Natasha Denness’s bedroom design is the embodiment of this - it’s a scene set up perfectly for the photo, but you can envisage the room being lived in.

Taking a different approach, Home Designing explores how different visualisers have applied their knowledge of design to the bedroom. One of the visuals that struck a chord with me immediately was Ngọc Báu’s natural environment - that created a minimal bedroom design whilst providing an effortlessly ‘lived in’ feel.

These are two basic requirements that are difficult to combine, especially in a room that usually doesn’t provide ample space to work with.The overriding thought I had whilst looking through these examples of modern bedroom design, is that whilst many other aspects of interior design are highly creative, it’s often the bedroom that is a true reflection of ourselves. The bedroom is an incredibly personal space. One where we share intimate moments, and in the next breath spend entire days alone with only a pizza for company. This results in a much more personal approach to design, which results in a unique combination of two essential elements of interior design: functionality and style.

Let's focus on functionality to begin with. Storage space is a necessity in bedroom design, yet finding the means to accommodate this whilst creating a luxuriously-styled space can be a challenge. Take the two examples I’ve alluded to above - there’s not a wardrobe in sight. Ok, there may be some space for books, however those shelves aren’t exactly a fitting place to keep your particulars on, are they?

With a recently trend in minimal design spreading its wings into the bedroom, people are choosing to sacrifice storage space in favour of a clean-looking environment. Aesthetically pleasing? Yes. Difficult to manage once you’ve bought your fifth new shirt this month? Also yes.

In fact, many aspects of modern bedroom design forget that it’s a bedroom at all, taking advantage of any available space to add in desk space for picturesque iMac’s, or vintage books.

However, one thing goes without saying. The centrepiece of any bedroom design, is the bed. Again, in the visuals you’ll see, beds are perfectly laid out with pillows perfectly placed and rugs subtly draped across the width. It’s more of the same in real-life examples, slightly more believable this time, but still a perfectly captured scene with bed-making at its finest.

We challenge you to look beyond this. Look beyond the unrealistic images and see the bed for what it currently is. Uninspiring.

“But it’s just a bed” I hear you cry. And you’d be right, however as we’ve seen, a bed is the focal point of every modern bedroom design, and a solid white lump of mattress or untidily draped quilt just doesn’t cut it.

In the words of Sid, join the bedroom revolution.

You don’t need to be limited by beds and mattresses. You can choose a mattress that both complements a modern bedroom design, and allows your personality to be seen. Have you ever seen a mattress that looks as good as this?

We’re biased, but it’s incredible, right? We’re excited to be able to offer the design conscious a new method of styling their bedroom. There’s two separate shades to choose from noir, and blue. Each wash of denim has been specifically chosen to work with modern bedroom design.

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