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Nike’s New Foam Technology

By Callie Paige

We appreciate great design, and there’s not many companies more accomplished when it comes to great design, than Nike. We’re not saying it’s all been great (although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?) but for the most part, Nike have continually pushed the boundaries of footwear and clothing design.


What we particularly love about Nike’s approach is that they design to solve problems. Their most recent ‘problem’ is one we can empathise with - the search for a foam with better cushioning, better energy return, in a lightweight shoe.

As Nike explain in their recent news post, creating something that combines all of these attributes is difficult, because they’re essentially opposites. Better cushioning means a softer sole - yet solid objects provide the best energy return.

It was a big challenge, but one the Nike team rose to. Nike have developed a revolutionary foam.   

“The foam alone delivers 13 percent greater energy return than Nike’s latest generation of Nike Lunarlon foam. I want to emphasize this because we’re not comparing Nike React technology to some no-name foam that fell off the back of a truck somewhere; we’re comparing it to our latest Lunarlon and, even with the bar set that high, Nike React technology delivers that much more energy return with each and every stride,” Ernest Kim, Director of Advanced Footwear.

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