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Should you let your dog sleep in bed with you?

By Callie Paige

Britain is a nation of pet lovers, with over 8 million dogs living alongside us. Considering our population is around 60 million, man’s best friend plays a significant part in most of our lives.

So significant, in fact, that over half of dogs sleep alongside us in bed. What better way to drift off to sleep than being accompanied by your loyal pet? Well…we weren’t aware how divisive the topic was until we saw some opinions online.

Apparently it’s got the population split as to whether it’s a good idea or not, but we’re here to put some science behind those opinions!

Let’s start with the reasons why you should keep your bed for yourself.

The most ferocious debate surrounds sleep quality, and whether letting your dog sleep next to you will disturb you. According to The Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center, 53% of pet owners say that sleeping with their pets disrupted their sleep.

Fun fact - most of those people are wrong!

Because so many people claimed their sleep was disrupted, the same research team decided to measure the effect co-sleeping with dogs had.

Sleeping with a dog in your bedroom, but not in your bed, resulted in no drop in sleep efficiency at all.

Sleeping with a dog in the bed did slightly lower sleep efficiency figures, but only to 80%, which is still on the limit of acceptable efficiency for a good sleep.

A second popular opinion is that allowing your dog to sleep in bed with you creates issues with dominance, as sleeping alongside you can show submissive traits.

According to Dr. Gross DVM (we know…it’s a funny name…come on…), this will only occur if your dog is already showing signs of dominance issues.

And the final argument we hear all the time - it’s not hygienic to sleep next to your dog. To be fair, that’s probably a fair point, however it’s worth considering that your dog being dirty could be a reflection on you (ok - no shaming here, promise).

There are a few things to look out for, whether your dog has been housetrained, the transfer of ticks, and flaring up allergies or asthma. Other than the latter, there’s nothing there that should cause too many problems to a well-cared for pooch.

Now onto the fun part (this is where we convince you that sleeping with your dog alongside you is great!).

Dogs make us relax. It’s a fact. Stroking dogs, as well as allowing them to sleep in our bed, boosts levels of oxytocin, responsible for our feelings of relaxation, trust and stability.

They can also help us nod off, due to their rhythmic breathing, and also increase our feeling of security. This is particularly significant for the single ones among us, who might feel a bit paranoid as night draws in.

In fact, we can think of only one reason we wouldn’t want our dogs to be sleeping next to us. They might accidentally scratch Sid 😉

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