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The science of a good night’s sleep

By Ben Wainman

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?

You know, the kind of sleep where when the morning comes you're full of energy, feel wholly refreshed and can actually speak coherently even before you have coffee? Those already sleeping with Sid will know what we mean. The Sid Mattress has taken science to the extreme to develop the perfect mattress for optimal sleeping, but what is the science behind a good night’s sleep? And how can you make sure every night is a great night?

The science behind a good night’s sleep

  1. Purpose

This first one is a bit of a surprise, but a scientific study has found that those who have something to get up for the next day enjoy improved sleep quality and fewer disturbances. The author of the study says; “Helping people cultivate a purpose in life could be an effective drug-free strategy to improve sleep quality”. Participants in the study clearly weren’t worrying about their ‘purpose’ of meeting a deadline the next day…

  1. Routine

“Just one more episode” thoughts need to stop. Sleeping well consistently means you need to be strict with your bedtime. You also need to abide by the alarm clock as well if you want to sleep well. Quality sleep starts with a routine.

  1. Comfort

Four out of five people agree that a mattress can affect your sleep quality. Your body needs comfort and support so you can drift off to the land of Nod. Fortunately, we have the ideal solution. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but we believe Sid is the perfect mattress. It not only has a whopping six layers of comfort but it looks good all day and night the way only denim can do. Sometimes, the knowledge of looking good, is enough to melt stresses away and bring on a great night’s sleep.