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Style and Substance: Upcycled Bedroom Decorating Ideas

By Callie Paige

Man with guitar sitting by Sid bed

Upcycled fashion is becoming ever popular as the trend for sustainable choices grows.

In the past, environmental fashion meant hemp sack dresses and Jesus sandals made from old bits of rubber.

Luckily, we no longer have to compromise on style when it comes to sustainable fashion. The fashion industry is responding to the huge demand to make fashion and design as beautiful as it is green through cutting edge fashion shows and creative collaboration.

The same can be said for bedroom design.

If you want to do your bit for the environment and create a fashion forward look for your bedroom at the same time, here are some upcycled bedroom decorating ideas to bring out your inner designer.

DIY Palette Mania

Palettes are having a moment.

Gracing the bedroom floors of hipsters up and down the country, the simple palette has become the height of cool and a must-have piece of furniture.

Good news is, it’s pretty easy to inject a touch of industrial-loft-chic into your own bedroom with a DIY bedside table.

Simply find yourself a palette (they’re often located in alleyways behind supermarkets but if that’s a bit too hipster for you, you can get them at most garden centres). Then cut and assemble to your desired height before using wood glue to secure.

You might want to sand down the wood for a smoother finish to avoid splinters when reaching for your phone.

Have a pet that sleeps in your room? A palette also makes a great dog bed if you pad it out with cosy blankets.

Transforming Tired Chairs

Forget the ‘floordrobe’. Everyone has a chair in their bedroom that’s used as an unofficial wardrobe. Under the pile of discarded jumpers and jeans could be lurking a hidden gem.

What if your chair looked so good you wanted to show it off?

There are some surprisingly simple ways to transform old chairs into something out of an interior design magazine. Here are just a few of them:

Ombre effect chairs

Ombre is bang on trend at the moment, but don’t stop with your hair colour. Use spray paint to create a gradual gradient of colour on the legs of a simple, white chair for instant fashion points.

Turn wooden chairs into coat hooks

Mounting a back of an old chair onto your bedroom wall is a quirky storage solution. Shabby chic goals right there.

Reupholster tired fabric chairs with a bold, modern print

The great thing about this technique is you can match the fabric to the rest of your bedroom theme.

Repurpose Glass Jars

If you didn’t drink a fruity cocktail out of a jam jar last summer, where were you?

Moving away from the hipster cliché, jam jars can be used for so much more than drinks receptacles.

Here are some ideas:

Transform large glass jars into hanging plant pots with knotted string.

Hanging plants are the thing this season, with tropical scenes spotted on catwalks at all the fashion weeks. This trend doesn’t seem to be dying down, so get making!

Create some sultry mood lighting with these hanging jam jar lights.

Perfect for wintry evenings in bed.

Sid bedroom from an angle

Get Creative with Copper

Copper is experiencing a comeback in the interior design world. From light fixtures to clothes rails, copper has overtaken all other metals when it comes to the fashion set.

Here are some ways to experiment:

  • Revamp basic lampshades by stripping the paper away and coating the wires with copper paint spray (readily available from home DIY shops). Spray, leave to dry overnight and the next day you’ll have a state-of-the-art, geometric design feature
  • Boring curtain rods can be jazzed up via a similar method. Simple and effective, this work best with neutral or grey coloured curtains
  • A mirror gives an illusion of spaciousness to small bedrooms. An old mirror can be brought up to date with some clever copper tape. It’s surprising how such simple alterations can make a big impact


Go Colourful with Washi Tape

What is washi tape you might ask?

The answer: a lazy decorator’s best friend.

Washi tape is a colourful adhesive strip made from natural fibres with fun designs. It comes from Japan and is basically masking tape’s prettier, more sophisticated younger sister.

The tape is easy to apply, durable and has almost endless uses.

Here are some of the things in your bedroom you can update with the stuff:

  • Brighten up plain picture frames to add a sense of character
  • Create a calendar directly onto your bedroom wall to stay on track of your schedule
  • Add a colourful accent to candle holders, plant pots and pen containers


Bring Nature Inside

Sustainable fashion is also affecting the way we decorate our homes. Natural accents and materials are becoming increasingly popular.

An innovative nod to this trend is to replace your wardrobe with a hanging branch. It may sound extreme, but this elegant feature is often seen in the shop windows of fashion boutiques. Taking a leaf out of their book could add an element of luxury to your master bedroom. By attaching two hooks to the ceiling and hanging a straight branch horizontal to the floor, all your favourite outfits can be on show.

Found materials like shells from a trip to the seaside or a pressed flower from a romantic walk make interesting, natural decorations and are a great way of preserving precious memories.

Woman sitting on Sid bed

Texture and Colour

Gone are the days of pristine, white, minimalist bedrooms. Texture is making a comeback.

We want our bedrooms to feel warm and inviting rather than clinical, and interesting textures and deeper colours can help create this effect.

Reupholstering pillows in different shades of grey and introducing tactile materials will make your bedroom feel cosy during the winter months.
The focal point of any bedroom is the bed, and we’ve saved the best till last. To fit in with your new, upcycled bedroom your bed needs to look the part.

That’s why we’ve created a bed frame with the look and durability of denim without the negative impact on the environment. Denim is known for its textured finish, wearability and is a timeless classic in the fashion world. However, it’s not the most sustainable of fabrics. Our bed frame and headboard is like denim but better; softer and more environmentally friendly.

The Final Piece

Whether it’s upcycling furniture DIY style, or simply repurposing a jam jar as a candle holder, these little touches can make a big difference to your bedroom and the environment.

We hope these upcycled bedroom furniture ideas have inspired you to get creative. Pop over to our website to find the last puzzle piece to your perfect bedroom; the Sid mattress.