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What value do you put on a good nights sleep?

By Elle Lennon

By definition, value is something that is subjective. While some of us might swear by Apple, Android fans wouldn’t be caught dead with an iPhone. However, when it comes to everyday purchases, what value do we place on our essentials, and would it change if we added all those little contactless taps up?

The easy place to is that caffeine hit we need to make it through the commute

We’re all guilty of it. We get to the station. There’s a Starbucks. It’s almost rude not to. On an average day, a Starbucks store serves 750 coffees - likely twice that in on a frantic London morning!

Across the three major chains, Starbucks, Costa and Caffe Nero, our morning latte will cost us £2.85.


Next, getting to work

For those lucky enough to be heading to work via the tube, a daily zone 1-2 pass is going to set us back £6.80. It works out a little cheaper with monthly & yearly discounts, but the thought of shelling out over £1k in one go on the tube is a little soul destroying.

Outside of the capital, an average daily bus pass will cost around £4.50 - thanks to a slightly cheaper rate in Greater Manchester!


Lunchtime - let’s escape the office!

What’s the point working in one of the greatest cities in the world, if you’re not going to get out and explore it! And for those wondering, we’re talking about Leeds, not London!

Luckily, wherever you are in the country, there’s usually a few decent options for lunch that won’t cost the earth. That being said, what used to cost us £3, now costs £4. The classic Boots meal deal has rocketed up 33%, but to be honest, it’s still worth it just to leave the office behind.


5:30pm. Pint?

Now this one surprised us. The average price of a pint in London - £5.19. In comparison, if you’re on a wild night out in Carlisle, a pint would only set you back £2.35.

Regardless, it’s the end of the day, your workmates are off to the pub, and do you have any better options?


It all adds up

Let’s say you’re working in the centre of London. Suddenly your Monzo card is screaming:

“You’ve spent £19.85 today” 

And for those of us lucky enough to be outside of capitalism personified:

“You’ve spent £13.70 today”

Taken across 20 working days/month (conservatively, we know) - that’s just shy of £400!


What’s this got to do with mattresses?

A recent survey indicated that although the standard recommendation for replacing a mattress is every 8 years, tens of thousands of people have a mattress that’s over 40 years old.

While that might be dramatised slightly, it’s the middle ground we’re worried about. How many people have a mattress that’s not supporting them, or providing them with a great nights sleep, after owning it for more than 10 years?

According to the same survey, only 1 in 20 people say they wake up feeling refreshed.


Enough is enough

Sid contains a scientifically-optimised mix of the latest in sleep technology to deliver the perfect mix of comfort, support and relaxation.

All for less per day than you’d spend on your morning latte.

For £2.76 you can get a double mattress that not only combines the best sleep materials from around the globe, but is sure to give your bedroom a brand new appeal.


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