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Well, that was nerve racking...

By Elle Lennon

We hobbled over the line, but the fact still remains...

It’s coming home! 

Honestly, we’re not even sure how to react! We were all set for another disappointment but they’ve gone and done it.

For a country with the worst record in World Cup penalty shootouts, we did alright didn't we?

And as for that Columbian team…we’ve not witnessed anything that out of order since Meg re-coupled on Love Island last night. Not that we’d like to compare the England team to Wes, though.

In all seriousness, it’s a great moment to be English. For one - they didn't react to the Columbian wrestling football team. And two - they kept their heads and put away those penalties.

Next up - Sweden in the Quarter Finals. Now, Sweden are famous for four things. ABBA, Ikea, Zlatan, and blondes!

Don’t get us wrong, we love all of those things. But if it’s the difference between winning and losing, we could go without listening to Mamma Mia ever again, we’ll ditch IKEA’s meatballs, Zlatan can fade into his American dream…and well…either way we’re still going to love blondes.

But you have to give us that one.