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What goes on between your sheets?

By Callie Paige

How often would you say you change your bedsheets? And when? A recent study from Mattress Advisor has revealed men’s bed-cleaning habits - and guys, when it comes to bed hygiene in relation to sex, it’s not too difficult to figure out your priorities.

On average, men slept on the same bedding for 10 days longer than women did, with single men confessing to waiting almost 45 days before changing to a fresh set. But when it came to those in relationships, the amount of time was (thankfully) quite a bit shorter.

Being in a relationship seemed to correlate with more frequent sheet washing - so what about when it came to one night stands? Well if you partake regularly, you should probably seriously consider your habits if you want any more in the future...

First the good news


Great news for whoever you’re taking home - the study found that a respectable 43% of men change their bedding before a night out if they think there’s even a possibility that sex will be on the cards later.

And if it’s guaranteed? The sheet changers shot up to almost half of all men surveyed (if you’re part of that other 51%, you’ve got some catching up to do).

Now the not so good news


Turns out that guys don’t seem to be as eager to do their washing after sex as they are beforehand. Men waited almost 12 days after having sex to change their bed sheets, and 18 days (yes, almost 3 whole weeks) after a one night stand. For reference, women changed their bedding after 2.

So if men are more likely to change their sheets before bringing someone home than they are afterwards (or than they are just in general), they’re probably thinking about impressing a possible partner more than they are cleanliness.

Just a side note (you know, because we’re friends and we like to help you out): If you’re seriously looking to impress, your old, beaten up mattress probably isn’t going to do the trick, even with clean sheets. But don’t worry, we can introduce you to Sid - it’s easily the best looking mattress around.


Sex and sleep

So all of this got us thinking - if you want to make a good impression, can getting a better night’s sleep lead to a better sex life?

According to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, apparently so. Looking at questionnaire answers from 171 female university students, getting an extra hour of sleep resulted in them experiencing higher levels of sexual desire, and even a 14% increase in the likelihood of having sex the next day.

And it works the other way round too. Having sex can decrease feelings of stress and make you relax, therefore helping you to get a better night’s sleep afterwards too.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you have problems with getting good quality sleep, this can lead to problems with your sex life. The less energy you have, the less likely you are to feel up for it. And for those who suffer from insomnia, they’ll probably have a complex pre-bed routine to help them fall asleep, which sex is rarely a part of.

So for a great night’s sleep and an even better sex life? You’ll need a bed that’s comfortable and inviting (and preferably clean). If you want to turn one night into two, giving them the best night (and sleep) of their life will probably help.

With Sid, you’ve got the sleep part covered. We’ve spent over two years developing what we can pretty confidently call the perfect mattress. High density Graphyx foam adapts to every curve and contour of your body, and a luxurious quilted top layer ensure complete comfort, that’s designed to withstand every bump (and grind) for the next 15 years - guaranteed.