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What is a mattress topper?

By Callie Paige

With so many different types of mattress topper on the market at the moment, there are a number of people asking the question: “What is a mattress topper? Do I need one?”

To put it simply, a mattress topper is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an extra layer that sits on top of your mattress to add some extra comfort.

Why use a mattress topper?

Not to be confused with a mattress pad (which is thinner and mostly just used as a mattress protector), a mattress topper is an additional layer of bedding that is specifically designed to enhance the comfort of your mattress.

There are two main reasons why you might want to use a mattress topper:

  1. Your mattress isn’t a comfortable firmness
  2. Your mattress doesn’t offer the right amount of support

If your mattress isn’t quite right for your body type or preferred sleeping position, it can have a serious impact on how well you’re able to sleep and recharge (we’re sure you’ve seen how often we talk about the importance of buying the right mattress). Using a topper could be the solution - whatever your mattress is missing, the topper can make up for - giving you the great night’s sleep that you deserve.

If you find that you often sink too far into your mattress, it’s probably too soft for you. In this case, a high quality, higher density topper would be great for increasing the firmness of your mattress. A good topper will also add support to a mattress that is too soft to enable a relaxed, natural sleeping position, relieve pressure from your joints and allow a more peaceful sleep.

(Just remember that although it can extend its life, a topper isn’t a replacement for an entirely new mattress - if it’s been a bit worse for wear for the past 10 years now, even the best topper probably won’t be able to save it.)

Alternatively, if your mattress is firmer and provides a good amount of support already, a topper could be used to add an element of softness without compromising on the support it gives you. A high quality quilted topper will maintain the level of support you need from your mattress while creating a more luxurious sleeping environment.

Do you need a mattress topper?

Only you can decide if you would benefit from using a mattress topper. If you’re already sleeping soundly on a mattress fit for a king (you know, like Sid), you probably won’t experience the full benefits of a topper. Why not meet Sid now?

But if your existing mattress doesn’t quite provide the level of firmness or support that you need, you want to add a little luxury to your bed, or if you simply want to see if a topper would make your bed more comfortable, it’s definitely worth a try.