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What is Graphyx?

By Callie Paige

By the time you’re reading this blog, we hope you’ll be well acquainted with Sid.

If not - go! Learn more about Sid now!

Then come back to this post for a bit of science.

Ready? Ok.

Graphyx is part of Mix - our scientifically-optimised mix of the latest in sleep technology that delivers comfort, support and relaxation.

Now, Graphyx is situated in, arguably, the most important position within our mattress. Right beneath the luxurious comfort our top layer and pillow top.

In other words, where comfort turns into support.


When designing the ingenious Mix of materials that lives inside Sid, we were aware of a common complaint when it comes to memory foam.

“It gets too hot”.

Truth be told, that’s actually a bit of a myth when we’re talking about modern-day memory foam. Originally, memory foam was prone to overheating because of its high density and heat-elastic nature.

Memory foam has come a long way since, and with the development of open-cell foam, it’s a much cooler concept than it used to be.

That being said, cooling technology within memory foam mattresses remains a focus of attention. Which is why, when we were developing Sid, we put heat transfer at the heart of our design.

That’s where Graphyx comes in.

Our Graphyx layer is 3.5cm thick, and puts the super-conductive properties of Graphene to use in a foam that draws heat away from your body.


Graphene is a honeycomb-shaped sheet of carbon, measuring just one atom thick. It’s been described as ‘the lightest, strongest, thinnest, best heat- and electricity- conducting material ever discovered’

Because of it’s simple and clean design, heat transfers across the atoms at an astonishing rate.

Which is what led us to experiment with the use of Graphene in a memory foam mattress.

The beauty of graphene is that it will continue to conduct heat away from your body all night. Which means it helps draw the heat into lower layers of Sid, which is perfectly designed to dissipate heat thanks to a layer of foam featuring precision-cut dual airflow channels, and a durable, cooling base, to keep fresh air circulating.

Compared to one of our industry’s alternatives, a cooling gel mattress, the transfer properties of Graphene will come up trumps time and time again.

Cast your mind back to the last time you put a gel pad on your forehead after a headache or fever. They’re amazing at first, but give it 10 minutes, and it’s started to warm up. Give it 30, and it might as well not be there. That’s the same stuff that goes into other mattresses.

I know what I’d prefer.

So now you’re a little more clued up about Graphene, why not take advantage of Sid’s unbeatable 120-night sleep trial? 

Put Graphyx to the test. You’ll thank us later. 

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