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What would you give up for a good night’s sleep?

By Callie Paige

What would you give up for a lifetime of restful sleep?

We all feel ready to do anything for a nap after a sleepless night, but a recent survey from Mattress Advisor aimed to find out just how far people would go.

What’s getting the cut?

Over 1,000 self proclaimed “sleep deprived” Americans were surveyed to find out just how much they’d be willing to give up forever to guarantee themselves a lifetime of great quality sleep. And turns out they were willing to give up some pretty significant vices.

Here’s a rundown of the results:

  • Just less than half of all participants (43.9%) said they’d never eat pizza again
  • And the same number of people said they’d leave all social media if it meant that they’d sleep better
  • 32.9% would change political affiliation
  • 24.6% said they’d stop watching TV (turns out sleep is better than Game of Thrones?)
  • However only around 14% said they’d be willing to give up music or sex (some people were actually more willing to sacrifice sleep for the perfect gig or a better sex life)

But the number one indulgence that people were willing to give up for a better rest? Alcohol. More than half (53%) said that they’d be happy to never drink again if it meant that they got quality sleep.

Okay, so what the survey really discovered is that 53% of Americans are liars. But we do agree with them…

Alcohol is pretty bad for helping you get a good night’s sleep anyway. Sure, it may make you fall asleep initially. But drinking can interrupt your circadian rhythm, decrease how much REM sleep you get (and therefore makes you overcompensate later) and heighten breathing problems. All of which, unfortunately, make you more likely to feel restless and wake up during the night, and prevent you from getting any good quality, rejuvenating sleep.

Why is sleep important?

Getting the best quality sleep you can is vital for your health and wellbeing - and these survey results alone indicate just how important sleep is.

Just one bad night can make you feel run-down, anxious, less focussed and less productive. And if you have poor quality sleep on a regular basis, it can lead to weight gain, bad moods, ‘brain fog’ and even reduced immunity.

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