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Why do memory foam mattresses get hot?

By Callie Paige

It’s a well-documented theory that memory foam mattresses get hot. And it’s a theory that, in some part, is true. Because of the way memory foam is made - which we’ll go into, shortly, its composition results in a hotter surface than mattresses made of other materials.

However, like we said, this is only true in part. Memory foam has advanced over the years to include innovative methods of improving airflow and artificially cooling mattresses - resulting in a superior sleep experience.


Why do memory foam mattresses get hot?

Memory foam mattresses heat up because there’s usually nowhere for heat to escape. Memory foam is made as a dense structure that relies on the heat your body generates to mould around your support points.

Because of this density, there’s little in the way of airflow to help you cool down in traditional memory foam mattresses.

Sprung mattresses, for example, provide a naturally cooler sleep because of the amount of space between the coils and the top/bottom layers of cushioning. Although, this comes at a cost, as even a mattress with millions of coils couldn’t replicate the same level of comfort and support a memory foam mattress provides.

However, there’s a new wave of mattresses that combat this rise in temperature. We’re biased, but we’ll start with the most innovative:


Layered memory foam that uses the super-conductive Graphene

Developed by Manchester University, graphene is a super-conductive element that’s ideal for the transfer of heat away from its original source.

The aptly named Graphene-Info websites states that “Graphene is considered an excellent heat conductor, and several studies have found it to have unlimited potential for heat conduction based on the size of the sample, contradicting the law of thermal conduction (Fourier’s law) in the micrometer scale.”

In plain English - by using graphene in a mattress, you won’t be as hot (sorry to the graphene experts reading).

Sid - a revolutionary new mattress, puts this to use in a layer dubbed Graphyx, which fuses the innovative materials with memory foam, producing a mattress that drawers heat away from your body.

Learn more about how Sid’s unique composition can help keep you cool

Mattress toppers

Mattress toppers usually focus on comfort, changing the feel of an existing mattress to make it more comfortable - whether that’s harder or softer.

But mattress toppers can also cool you down, especially when they’re made with natural materials like cotton - which wicks away the moisture from your body and keeps you from feeling clammy.


Be sensible

Ok, this borders on lifestyle advice, and you’ve probably heard all of this before. But try not to eat for at least two hours before bed - otherwise your body is still trying to digest it, which warms you up. Also keep the drink to a minimum. That night cap might trick you into falling asleep, but it’ll warm you up pretty quickly.


So - there you have it. “Why do memory foam mattresses get hot” = answered.

And the unequivocal answer, is that you should check out Sid for a cooler sleep all round. Learn more here.