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Meet sid

Sid is rebellion. Bedroom rebellion. He’s that lone voice not afraid to say something that shocks our world.

Why the bedroom rebel? Because he’s making a stand. A stand against those mattress megacorps that have dominated and bullied for too long.

Those who say you can’t have choice. That compromise is the only possibility. A trade-off in mediocrity. It’s two fingers up to those who say you can have whatever colour you want… as long as it’s beige. The ones who insist you can’t have something that’s as beautiful on the outside as it’s brilliant on the inside.

Sid says “enough!” It doesn’t have to be that way. Things have changed. This isn’t a brand, it’s a movement. A seismic shift in sleep. A stand against the staid. A protest against the prosaic. Design defiance.

This is Sid; bedroom rebellion. Join us. #SleepWithSid

They're sleeping
with sid, are you?

On the tube. In the airport. At the restaurant. It’s easy to spot who’s sleeping with Sid. Easy if you know the signs, of course. What’s obvious is that you're not looking for the obvious. Instead, it’s all in the detail. Look for the signs: the flashes of creativity. The small acts of rebellion. The eye for design. Picking it up yet?

Because it's everywhere. And it’s growing. Think you don’t know anyone who is secretly sleeping with Sid? Think again. It’s happening right now on your street. You may even work with people who are shamelessly sleeping with Sid. Look closely: the clues are there. Brighter. More alert. Refreshed. Ready to take on the day. All different, but one thing in common: they’re sleeping with Sid. They could all be Sid. Maybe they are! Sid is in the swagger and the style. A knowledge; an awakening. It doesn't have to be like it's been before. Rules are there to be broken.

Who says you must worship at the altar of the bland, beige, squidgy oblong? Isn’t the design in how something works? Who the hell says we can’t have it all? It’s time to break with tradition. We need to mix things up. From now on, we’ll live by Sid’s rules.

Sid's denim dream

Denim has always stood for rebellion, adventure and free thinking. So what else would we use for the debut Sid collection? Designed to be shown off. Engineered to cause a scene. The launch collection offers the most on-trend way to stylishly wrap the ultimate sleep technology contained in your Sid mattress.

And when things get boring in the bedroom? Switch it up! The unique quick change Sid wrap lets you switch between various Sid styles. Show it off, reveal yourself, be a bedroom rebel. Available in two stunning colourways, Midnight Blue and Nocturnal Noir, it’s now just as easy to change the entire look and feel of your bedroom as it is to change your outfit.

The yielding softness of Midnight Blue evokes the lazy summer days and steamy nights of America’s West Coast. Nocturnal Noir references the city’s nightlife culture of carefree abandon, living for the weekend and the future looking bright.

Both styles are timeless, stylish and engineered to perform in all circumstances. Design and technology in perfect harmony. The era of the bland bedroom is over. Style never sleeps… until now. Sleep with Sid.

Made in the UK

At Sid, we don’t cover anything up - and that includes our manufacturing process. Because your new Sid mattress is proudly designed and made right here: in the UK. It’s constructed in our own dedicated factory, by trained craftspeople with a lifetime of specialist mattress making knowledge at their disposal. Your sleep is their vocation.

Not that Sid isn’t an international affair. We toured Europe to identify the premium sleep technologies we place at the heart of the brand. This includes innovative foam materials from Portugal, fabrics from Spain and Belgium, and furniture components from Italian design houses. It all adds up to a cosmopolitan brand that we’re proud to call Sid.

So before you commit to another mattress, check it doesn’t say Made in China on the box. Or isn't made with cheap imported materials hastily assembled by subcontractors. Y’know, the kind of things that other brands are keen to cover up.

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