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The Original Bedroom Rebel

Sid is rebellion. Bedroom rebellion. He’s that lone voicenot afraid to say something that shocks our world.

Meet Sid

Why the bedroom rebel? Because he’s making a stand. A stand against those mattress megacorps that have dominated and bullied for too long.

Those who say you can’t have choice. That compromise is the only possibility. A trade off in mediocrity. It’s two fingers up to those who say you can have whatever colour you want... as long as it’s beige. The ones who insist you can’t have something that’s as beautiful on the outside as it’s brilliant on the inside.

Sid says “enough!” It doesn’t have to be that way. Things have changed. This isn’t a brand, it’s a movement. A seismic shift in sleep. A stand against the staid. A protest against the prosaic. Design defiance.

This is Sid; bedroom rebellion. Join us. #SleepWithSid

Sid Denim

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Sid Noir

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Exceptional quality mattress with comfort and support

I am thoroughly impressed with the support this mattress provides. I am finding that my sleep pattern is better - it takes me less time to get to sleep at night and my body feels more rested in the morning. Paired with a good pillow, this mattress maintains healthy spine alignment and the comfort needed for a restorative nights sleep. - Holly S.

Arrives in a box

Sid is the mattress re-engineered. Designed to perform better and for longer. It's why it's backed by an industry-leading 15-year guarantee, so you can be sure that Sid looks the business and lasts the distance.

redefining memory foam to
create the perfect mattress

We had 16 billion possibilities facing us when deciding on the clever combination of materials that you’d fall in love with. Sid has the perfect mix of innovative foam and new materials, meaning you get to take home a mattress that performs as brilliantly as it looks.

Soothes: 2 cm comforting top layer

A luxurious quilted top layer offers up the ultimate in soft-feel comfort for weary bodies. Even better, this cushioning sleep surface can be easily removed with the premium quality zipper. A simple machine wash means your Sid mattress can be refreshed and rejuvenated time and time again.

Cushions: Luxury Pillow top

Within the removable Sid cover sits a layer sumptuous pillow material to carass away the day’s stresses and strains. Offering a cushion-like softness, the pillow topper is a key component in delivering a superior night’s sleep.

​Cools: 3.5 cm pioneering Graphyx memory foam

A common complaint of memory foam mattresses is that they’re too hot. Not Sid. A layer of pioneering Graphyx memory foam puts to work the science of graphene with the ultimate comfort and support. Superconductive means super-cooling for a superior sleep sensation. Incredible open cell foam cools and ventilates from top to toe. Sleeping with Sid? It’s cool.

​Cradles: 5 cm High Density , Resilience Revo foam

The world not only looks better in HD, it feels better too. High Density Revo foam sets a new standard in memory foam mattresses, providing the resilience (and bounce) you'd expect from pocket springs whilst adapting to every curve and contour of your body, no matter your sleep position or who’s sleeping next to you. Pressure is relieved, heat is reduced, peace is restored.

​Supports: 18 cm zoned engineered base layer

Who got your back? Sid’s got your back. Precision-cut dual airflow channels keep fresh air circulating. Zoned support gives you precision support, right where you need it. And all at a density designed to take the bumps (and grinds) for the next 15 years - guaranteed.

​Switches: Switchable designer cover

Say goodbye to the bland, beige oblong. Sid makes the mattress a stunning piece of design. How? The unique interchangeable cover - designed to be shown off. Choose your style. Choose to Switch it up. The ideal way to show the world you’re sleeping with Sid.

​Breathes: durable, cooling base

When designing the ultimate mattress, every last component was considered. Which is why you’ll find that even the base material of your new Sid mattress is aerated to provide increased airflow and breathability. All things considered, we think it’s a mattress that offers the perfect Mix.

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