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Unique Works
of Art.
Timeless Classics.

Great design transcends generations. More than looks alone, great design
creates an impact, positively affecting lives with new innovation,
sheer beauty, and high quality.

Your bedroom. Uncovered.

Voiding your bedroom? Can’t face the thought of another night uninspired, wishing the 80’s would come and take back its design?

Meet Sid. A revolutionary new mattress that allows you to stay up to date, not out of date. Sid’s unique Switch system gives you the freedom to change your style as frequently as fashions change. A simple Switch of cover, and you’re done.

Sid is beautiful on the inside too. With a unique combination of foams that provide the best nights sleep you’ve ever had, including a super-cooling Graphyx layer, while the outside may change, Sid will have you sleeping soundly for the next 15 years. Guaranteed.

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Switch by Sid

Sid introduces you to bedroom design that changes with your tastes.
With a feature we’ve appropriately named named ’Switch’, you can tailor
your mattress cover to your decor, personality or even your mood.
No more beige oblongs with a nonchalantly-draped duvet.

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Made to be seen

You won’t find anything covering Sid’s denim. Not a sheet in sight (well, other than the one covering your luxurious top layer).

With the debut collection that leaves sleepers dreaming in denim, Sid is the most innovative method of stylishly wrapping the ultimate sleep technology contained in your Sid mattress.

But perhaps more importantly, Sid is two fingers up at those who insist you can’t have something that’s as beautiful on the outside as it’s brilliant on the inside.

Things have changed. Sid is a seismic shift in sleep. A stand against the staid. A protest against the prosaic.

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Update, Not Outdate

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