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Pressure Relief

Feel that you’re floating thanks to Sid’s unique mix of memory foam


Breathable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic for the ultimate in hygiene

Zoned Support

Individual zoned layers provide bespoke support for better spinal alignment


Switch up the look of your mattress with on-trend updatable covers.

Removable Cover

The luxury quilted cover is machine washable to keep Sid looking fresh


Proprietary technology harnesses graphite to cool and ventilate

A better night’s sleep
is at the heart of Sid

At the heart of Sid is Graphyx. A unique new material designed to give you a better, cooler, more restful sleep. A result of Sid’s in-house team of sleep experts and material masterminds who blended, experimented and refined to bring you the very best in mattress technology. Graphyx is the pinnacle. A composition fused with superconductive graphite.

Super conductive means super-cooling for a superior sleep sensation. Incredible open cell foam cools and ventilates from top to toe. With Graphyx at the core of your mattress, you can be assured that you’re choosing a mattress that is unsurpassed in terms of leading design thinking.

Whilst Sid leads the way in sleep technology, we don't lead the way in price. Comparable mattresses can be many times more expensive than Sid. We can offer unparalleled value for money by owning the Graphyx formula, which we developed exclusively for Sid. So no expensive licence fees or middleman taking their cut. Just excellence direct from our labs to your bedroom.

Graphyx is exclusive to Sid. So if it doesn't say Sid on the box, you're missing Graphyx on the inside!

Sid Denim

Sid Noir

Complete Sid


Sid Cotton Sheet

Sid Denim Mattress

Sid Pillow

Sid Denim Slatted Bed

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